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FINE GOLD (9999)

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per 10gms


per 10gms



Federation of Nepal Gold Silver Gem & Jewellery Associations has been established on Magh 26, 2069 BS. (8 February 2013) by pioneer business person of gem and jewellery business. It is an authorized national level organization of Gem and jewellery business person. It has been working as a facilitator to various tasks related to Gold, Silver, Gem and Jewellery sector as well as handling the emerging problems in contemporary situation by unity. 




 Establishment of Associations


With the motive of Jewellery Promotion, Empowerment of Bussiness Professionals, Number of Associations were established. 


The major objective of the Associations is to create the employment opportunities and uplift the nation's economy and  preserve the Nation's Own Culture and Art.


In presendential leadership, Mr. Rosesh Shrestha, Dhankuta Gem and Jewellery Associations was established.

Similary In presendential leadership, Mr. Sudhir Agrawal, Mahottari Gem and Jewellery Associations was established.