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FINE GOLD (9999)

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per 10gms



Federation of Nepal Gold Silver Gem & Jewellery Associations has been established on Magh 26, 2069 BS. (8 February 2013) by pioneer business person of gem and jewellery business. It is an authorized national level organization of Gem and jewellery business person. It has been working as a facilitator to various tasks related to Gold, Silver, Gem and Jewellery sector as well as handling the emerging problems in contemporary situation by unity. 



 Formal Meeting of FNGSGJA with Governer Dr.Yuvraj Khatiwoda


With leadership of  the President, Mr. Ramesh Maharjan, Federation of Nepal Gold Silver Gem and Jewellery Associations have a Formal Meeting with Governer of Nepal Rastra Bank, Dr.Yuvraj Khatiwoda. The meeting is held with the motive to promote the Gold, Gem and Jewellery Sector along with the employment opportunies in this filed, import and revenue generation which proves to be the helping hand in the economic development of the nation.


During the meeting session, Dr. Khatiwada speaks about the effort that should be made on the refinement of the raw material and best practices, yet to be done in this sector. Besides these, he also requested to for nepali jewellery  product promotion and make possible effort to contibute in the nation's economy to all the concerned business professionals.